Elizabeth Hazel and The Day of Desires

New Book by Katie Humphrey
Coming September 15, 2015

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Synopsis of the Book

Elizabeth Hazel is desperate for a different life. Everything about her teenage existence – the imperfect body, annoying brother, and lame summer job – makes each day more depressing, until a creepy stranger reveals a connection between Elizabeth’s upcoming birthday and an ancient legend known as “The Day of Desires.” 

When the stranger’s prophecy proves to be true, Elizabeth is thrust into a world where she must face her biggest fears in order to return home. Will Elizabeth have the courage to face the challenges ahead, or will fear overtake and (quite literally) swallow her whole?



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Welcome to the World of Katie Humphrey!

I’m excited you’re here. You know why? Because we’ve got some exciting adventures planned for you. One of which is my upcoming book, Elizabeth Hazel and The Day of Desires (Aperture Press) coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

This fable is set in New York City where a young girl is approached by a mysterious (creepy) stranger who equates her upcoming birthday with an ancient legend known as “The Day of Desires.” Through a series of semi-dramatic events, our heroine, Elizabeth, ends up in the amazing world of Ellon and learns just how powerful she can be when she believes in herself.

If you’ve been part of this community for some time, you’ll find that we no longer offer the same resources as before… and that’s for two reasons. First, I fully believe in following your heart, which means being truthful and courageous about what you want to share with the world. And second, because writing fiction and empowering young people is just plain FUN. I hope you’ll stay in touch for more information and mark your calendar for my big book release happening on September 15, 2015!

If you’re new, I’m psyched to have you here. Let’s have some fun!

Katie in DublinXo,

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Katie Humphrey
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