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The Princess Diaries meets The Chronicles of Narnia when an insecure teenager happens upon an ancient legend that reveals her true identity as a great and powerful warrior.


On the eve of turning eighteen, Elizabeth Hazel – an insecure teenager who’s anything but heroic – encounters a stranger who links her birthday with a legend known as “The Day of Desires,” her one chance to prove her worth and claim any desire of her heart.

The problem is that in order to fulfill the legend, she must travel to a strange world that’s been ruled by evil for thousands of years and face her deepest fears.

Thrust into the world of Ellon and aided by a dashing admirer, Elizabeth learns her destiny is as elusive as her confidence. For in accepting her fate as a warrior, any failure means the desolation of a world she grows to love, while her success guarantees a return to the life where she feels like an outsider.

Elizabeth Hazel and the Day of Desires is an adventure fantasy tale that proves how even the most mediocre person can find courage when faced with adversity.

About Katie

Katie Humphrey is a screenwriter and author of Elizabeth Hazel and the Day of Desires (Aperture Press).  The 2015 YA novel has been used as curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg in the English department, and the adapted screenplay received the 2017 Creative World Awards “Creative Concept” award for the most original story with a redemptive theme.  The screenplay was also a finalist in the 2017 Los Angeles Movie Awards and was selected in the fall of 2017 as a finalist at the Orlando Film Festival.  Katie holds a business degree from Stetson University and resides in Palm Beach, Florida.

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