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The Best Tool for Overcoming Critical Thoughts

Have you ever had someone do or say something to you that just bothered you… maybe for days on end? A lot of us have trouble resisting critical thoughts about ourselves. I once read a quote that said, “Negativity is automatic, positivity takes practice.” So today...

Video + Tips on Stress and Its Impact On your Body

Seriously, who doesn’t get stressed out these days? We all do. It’s pretty common since most of us have pretty busy lives with tons of demands. However, does that mean you need to let stress take over your body and warp it into something you can’t control? Certainly...

Since I started working with Katie, my confidence, motivation, and attitude have improved in such amazing ways that I can say that I am no longer the same person I was when we started. Plus, I’m down 100 pounds!

Renee Cardenas

Just an FYI. Got on the scale. I’m down 7 pounds, and I lost 2 inches from my belly and 1/2 inch from my neck (weight loss in my face). All with your simple recommendations! Thanks!

Jeanmarie Keller

My skin condition is under control,  I fit into a dress that was too small four months ago, and I have a positive outlook in life. My dance instructor didn’t even recognize me recently on stage since I’ve lost 5 1/2 inches!

Trisha Danielle Unten

The Rebel Team in Action!