Elizabeth Hazel
and the
Day of Desires

Katie Humphrey

September 15 | #ElizabethHazelBook

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About the Book

“I just finished the book and am absolutely incredulous at how captivating the story is.”
-Larry Winget, New York Times bestselling author of Your Kids Are Your Own Fault

Forest copyElizabeth Hazel is desperate for a different life. Everything about her teenage existence – her imperfect body, her smoking, a lame summer job, and her annoying brother – makes each day more depressing than the last. But everything changes when a mysterious stranger reveals a link between her upcoming eighteenth birthday and an ancient legend known as The Day of Desires.

With the prophecy proven true, Elizabeth is thrust into a strange new world where dragons rule the skies, terrible monsters abound, and magic shimmers in dark places. Aided by a dashing admirer, she must face her biggest fears in order to return home. Will she find the courage to overcome these challenges, or will fear devour her whole?

Join Elizabeth on her thrilling journey of self-discovery!


While the book is full of mystery, monsters, fear, and vulnerability, it recognizes the common pressures of being a teenager and delivers valuable lessons about how to reclaim one’s inner confidence and joy. Writing the tale of Elizabeth Hazel is Katie’s way of sharing wisdom with an audience who is more likely to absorb fantasy and a good story over a self-help book.

She intends to use the book as a means to connect with and improve the lives of young adults. Parents will be pleased with the message of the novel and teen readers will love the fast-paced energy of the story.

Illustration from Katie's upcoming book, "Elizabeth Hazel"



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Meet Katie Humphrey

I’m excited you’re here. You know why? Because we’ve got some exciting adventures planned for you! One of which is my newly released, adventure-filled YA novel with a purpose-based message, Elizabeth Hazel and The Day of Desires (Aperture Press), coming soon to a bookshelf near you.

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If you’re a grown up, welcome! You’ll find that my current book and future resources (like camps, online programs, etc.) are designed to help young adults access their inner brilliance and the incredible value they hold. You can stay plugged into what’s going on with the book and other resources by joining Club Humphrey (above) or connecting on Facebook. And don’t think the book is just for teens. If you’re a fiction/fantasy lover like me, you’ll have a great time with the story. Pick up a copy today and let me know what you think. 😉

You rock, and I’m looking forward to sharing this amazing journey with you.

Katie Humphrey HeadshotXo,

Katie Humphrey
Author, Elizabeth Hazel and the Day of Desires

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