Ever read a story that had a dragon in it?

C’mon, think about when you were a kid. Heroic stories with epic adventures always had some fire-breathing dragon waiting to devour its prey. It was one of the biggest obstacles any hero or heroine in a story had to face.

Dragon SymbolHere in the Zen Rebel community, the “dragon” symbolizes two things.

First, it represents the part of you that holds yourself back. It’s fearful, conniving and dangerous. It doesn’t want you to succeed. In fact, it will get you to believe ANYTHING to quit (especially those stories it knows will burn you the most… pun intended). It wants you to believe toxic thoughts so you stay where you are… all the while feeling helpless against it.

However, the dragon symbolizes something else.

It represents your ability as a woman to be fierce, bold and confident. It is the force within you that compels you to go on even when you’re desperate to give up. It’s the part of you that knows there’s more to this life than what you’ve experienced.

In the Zen Rebel tribe, our women know that your internal dragon will help or hinder your journey. And that difference depends on you and your choices from here on out. That’s why our logo is a dragon.

The actual definition of a Zen Rebel is a woman who chooses a healthy, positive life and seeks to know her purpose so she can powerfully impact those around her. It all starts with making powerful shifts in her mind, thoughts and words, then in her body and health and ultimately in her pursuits and passions.

Zen Rebel

You can be Zen AND be a Rebel. In fact, it’s the perfect way to have faith and trust in a higher power while living life on your own terms. It draws forth wisdom and confidence while always pushing you to be the best version of yourself, set the example for others and embrace a vibrant life.

If you’re new to the community, welcome. Let us know how we can help. If you’re a returning or current member, we love having you. You’re what makes our work meaningful, and we couldn’t do it without you.

We are the Zen Rebels.

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Katie Humphrey
Creator of the Zen Rebel Tribe

Freedom in Your Mind & Body

We start where you are and help you create results in your weight, hormonal and health issues so you can experience FULL freedom in your body and release toxic, negative thinking from your mindset as you create a whole new way of living. Your new adventure starts here!

Tools for a Better Life

Through our online community and coaching programs, we help you create a healthier, more vibrant life through tools and strategies that make life easier and more manageable (re: less stress, worry and perfectionism!). Learn how to live like a Rebel and start your best life NOW.

Paying it Forward

We don’t believe in helping you get healthy just for vanity’s sake. It’s in the world’s best interest that you are living each day in your most positive state of mind in your most in-control and energized body. When you feel good, you impact those around you and make their lives better.

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Glimpse of the Zen Rebel Wall of Fame

“You can say my life before and after Katie is pretty much incomparable. Katie, with her wisdom, compassion, and smart results-fueled thinking always knows EXACTLY what to say to push me upwards in any given moment. She has lit a fire in me that I believe is inextinguishable…”

Heba Othman

“I am a true rebel thanks to Katie! My skin condition is under control,  I fit into a dress that was too small four months ago, and I have a positive outlook in life. My dance instructor didn’t even recognize me recently on stage since I’ve lost 5 1/2 inches…”

Trisha Unten

“Since starting Rebel University I have lost 20 lbs and my clothes are all big on me. I have gained confidence in myself and no longer live by the scale. I have started a new job and have stepped out and started a blog about my life…”

Migdalia Lane

“I was so thankful to find Katie… whose experience and practical advice brought me further than I thought possible in not only relieving my symptoms, but in changing the quality of my life in general…at this point, I’ve lost 100 pounds.”

Renee Cardenas

“Thanks to the way Rebel University has changed my life. I’ve lost 15 pounds. Also, I relax a little over holidays and vacations and I’ve never gained a pound – not even with 2 weeks of vacation!  The most important thing, is I look at myself in the mirror and I LOVE who I see…”

Clarissa Lunt

“Since working with Katie, I have lost 13 inches within 3 months! I am happier, more confident, and I finally have the energy to make it through a full day! I am a much more positive person and I focus on the good events in life instead of what can go wrong…”

Kaity Hemm

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