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These Rebels have earned their results. You're next.

Jada“I have released over 40lbs since starting my Rebel Journey in September, lost crazy inches and gained muscle and confidence. I always thought I had to bust my butt running crazy amounts of km’s and push myself through many a boot camp till I wanted to throw up because its what the fitness industry says I should be doing to achieve results. However, rather than continuing with these incredibly high intensity/impact workouts, I have recently turned into a Sculpt Barre and hot yoga addict!  I so look forward to my barre classes and hot yoga sessions, it just feels good, my body, mind and soul thank me for taking part in these types of classes because I leave feeling refreshed and grateful rather than exhausted. I also learned its ok to eat chocolate and ice cream and not beat myself up when I do. I have learned to count calories less and feed my body what makes it feel good and satisfied.

I am more confident, comfortable in my own skin, I believe in myself and my choices even when others don’t. I care less about what other people want and make decisions based on whats best for me and my family. I am enjoying my new body, I love dressing my body and I’m excited to go shopping and replace my entire wardrobe with clothes that I love rather than what I can fit into. (uncomfortably I might add). My new closet will be filled with colour and style instead of black and baggy!

I have also learned to balance my hormones more naturally by listening to my body, listening to what it wants and needs whether it be about the people in my life, nutrition choices, finances and exercise routines. I now realize when I make choices that are not in alignment with who I am, I create my own anxiety, hormonal imbalance and unhappiness. I’ve learned to ask myself, is this what I want?

Thank you my Rebel leader, Katie, and all my Rebel gals! I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all your guidance, words of inspiration, support and camaraderie, you have all played a major part in my transformation and success!”

—Jada Rechenmacher

“Working with Katie has changed my life in every way imaginable. In my ‘former life’ I was overweight, unhappy, sick, suffering from PCOS and had given up hope that there was something more for me. Since working with Katie, the most drastic change has been in my outlook on life, my confidence and my attitude. I am now sure that I am meant to be healthy and happy. With Katie’s help I have managed to lose over 10 kilograms (22 pounds) and I feel vastly different. I now know how to eat in a way that makes my body happy, I have clear and consistent energy and I know that going to the gym is not the only answer when it comes to exercise.

Katie is the person who has changed my life. The changes in me in our time together are countless. I now wake up every day with purpose, I take care of myself and people comment on my ‘glow.’ All of these changes were so effortless in comparison to the ways I have tried to improve my health in the past. I now enjoy every day, am a better teacher and mentor and my passions are reflected in everything I do. Thank you, Katie.”


1074165_3323033852737_672909301_o“I am a true rebel thanks to Katie! I have struggled with myself for as long as I can remember and its been a crazy rollercoaster ride. But since I joined the program, friends and family have commented from ‘you’re looking good’ to ‘you’re losing weight’. My skin condition is under control,  I fit into a dress that was too small four months ago, and I have a positive outlook in life. My dance instructor didn’t even recognize me recently on stage since I’ve lost 5 1/2 inches.

My environment hasn’t changed, it’s still crazy busy and stressful, but now I have the tools to deal with it and enjoy it. I don’t deprive myself by counting calories or dieting because I’m in control and eat the foods that I love. I don’t follow a strict program for everyone, I follow my program that is made just for me. I am no longer on that rollercoaster, I see myself walking on a beach. There maybe a few rocks on my way, but the scenery is worth it and I keep moving forward reaching each goal I set.”

—Trisha Unten

Vonetta Carey“It seems I can’t express enough how much of an impact this journey has had and is continuing to have on my life. For so long I have been praying for direction. I believe that God has answered my prayer. I have a sense of direction in my life now. I am more confident and learning to listen to the voice within me. I am learning to prepare, be organized and make myself a priority.

I have lost some weight and my cycle did come. But the most magnificent thing is the love that I have for myself now. That is something that has meant the most to me and has given me the strength to do all that I have and am doing. I thank God for ordering my steps because without Him none of this would be possible. So, what have I gotten out of this boot camp? I feel as though I have gotten myself! I am so overjoyed about it!”

—Vonetta Carey

JeanMarie Keller“Rebel U and Katie ROCK!

Following Katie’s simple yet effective strategies, I’ve lost 12 lbs (and counting) and feel more energetic and focused. Best of all, I’m not “dieting” at all!

Thank you, Katie!”

—Jeanmarie Keller

Kaity Hemm“I first came to Katie because I was very unhappy; I had low self-esteem, and low confidence. I had been diagnosed with PCOS, but I didn’t feel like the doctors where helping me because they just kept giving me different types of medication that didn’t work. I knew I would be able to relate to Katie because of her previous experience in dealing with PCOS and eventually reversing her symptoms. Before I contacted Katie, I had very little energy to make it through the day, constant headaches, and I was depressed.

Since working with Katie, I have lost 13 inches within 3 months! I am happier, more confident, and I finally have the energy to make it through a full day! I am a much more positive person and I focus on the good events in life instead of what can go wrong. I am also much more focused on living a healthy lifestyle. I have learned that even though I am in college I can still afford to eat healthy, and I still have enough time in the day to incorporate working out.

I would absolutely, hands down, recommend Katie to anyone would is looking for someone who is upbeat all the time, is always encouraging with what you, as the client, wants to do, and always has the best advice. She has helped me with more than just fighting PCOS, I was able to talk to her about the ups and downs of college and get her wonderful advice. She gave me so much encouragement for all the dreams I was pursuing! I would love to have her as a coach as I continue to become a young adult!

—Kaity Hemm

audrey snider“In these few short months since I said ‘NO MORE’ to living my life around other’s decisions and desires, and really focusing on my own happiness, AMAZING transformations have occurred. I now live my life the way I want to, with no guilt about what others may feel about my choices.  I’ve made decisions about my future by realizing that I am WORTH achieving those goals!  My dreams and my desires can become my reality!

When I started to change the way I looked at my life, my entire perspective shifted. I focused on my health by eating the foods that nourish my body, and I now exercise the way I want to (really, just walking the dog for a few miles a day), instead of giving in to cravings for junk food and lazing on the couch. The strange thing is, I wasn’t necessarily focused on my health or on losing weight - I really just wanted to get my mind into a healthy state.  Well, as my mind shifted and I started being the strong and independent person I wanted to be, my shakey relationships became strong relationships because I was suddenly willing to communicate, and, almost without trying, I have lost 25 pounds of body weight!

I feel better than I have in years – physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I’m amazed at the things I can accomplish and the way I can finally LOVE myself.  Katie’s guidance and her willingness to love me enough to tell me the things I sometimes didn’t want to hear have taught me how to be a whole and healthy person.  I love my life now, and I love that I can live it to the fullest.  Most of all, I love the friendships I’ve made through Rebel University and Rebel Mastery. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by so many successful and motivational people.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share how AWESOME my life is!!!”

—Audrey Snider

Kim Knorr“Katie, what you have put together – this system for helping women change – is revolutionary. I have been researching in depth, and analyzing for 10+ years how to makeover my life, yet I have made more progress in the 3 weeks we have worked together.

Every day I’m told I look better and seem different, and I can feel it! You address everything I want in my life, and show me how to do it in a simple way. Thank you for the difference you are making in my life!”

—Kim Knorr

Heba“You can say my life before and after Katie is pretty much incomparable. Katie, with her wisdom, compassion, and smart results-fueled thinking always knows EXACTLY what to say to push me upwards in any given moment. She has lit a fire in me that I believe is inextinguishable. Because it was always there – I just didn’t know how to find it. I urge you to give yourself a shot! This may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself. It certainly has been for me. I have found a life-long friend, coach, and mentor who has given me the wings I have always needed to take my life from mundanity to excellence.

Personally, it took me being in a very tight spot to finally make the leap to ask for help. Don’t wait for that moment. I learnt that successful people always have a coach or mentor by their side; I will no longer ever be without one. And I also learnt not to waste a single second because every one is so valuable and precious – and I’m creating the life I love and always wanted because of that. One of abundance, love, success and fulfillment. Thank you Katie – there are really no words.”

—Heba Othman

Kirsten Perilli“Right before Katie’s Boot Camp, I had reached a low. I have always had a busy schedule, but everything became overwhelming seemingly overnight. I had become increasingly stressed. My weight had ballooned to an all-time high of 190lbs. My PCOS symptoms were getting worse (increased acne, hair loss, etc).

I am not that far removed from Boot Camp yet, but some of the beneficial results from it thus far have been better prioritization of the things in my life, better stress management, goal setting (and achievement), and a more positive outlook/attitude.
I now know that I will beat my PCOS, get my degree, and achieve my goals. I have lost 10 lbs. since the beginning of Boot Camp (5 weeks ago). I have 50 more to go, but every day I look and feel better and better. Words can’t express how thankful I am to Katie and my fellow Boot-Campers. It was a truly great experience. I have taken so much from it and would recommend it to any woman (especially one suffering from PCOS).”

—Kirsten Perilli

Michelle Durham“I was diagnosed with PCOS in May of 2006 after visiting the ER and finding out that multiple cysts had ruptured on both of my ovaries. As a result of different conditions, I have experienced excessive weight and finding it difficult (and seemingly impossible) to lose weight, my hormones were out of control, and my cycles came twice a month or sometimes more, I was moody all the time and had skin problems.

I was put on synthetic medications after my diagnosis, and they made me sicker and creating more problems with my menstrual cycle.

On June 18, 2010, I went to the doctor’s office and they weighed me.This will always be a defining moment that led me to make healthy changes. I weighed in at 418 pounds, and this was the heaviest I had ever been. From there on, I decided it was also the heaviest I will ever be!

I am happy to say that from making changes in my diet, exercising and taking the Insulite system, I am now down to 360 pounds and so happy! I know that my weight no longer has to be something I cannot control.

I’m now living my life the way I want it – natural and healthy! I care about my body and I want to preserve my good health as long as possible.

After working with Katie, reading her Freedom from PCOS book, watching and participating in the 90 days to freedom videos and being part of the Inner Circle, I feel constantly motivated and confident to continue on. Knowing that I can change my mindset, focus on my goals – small ones first, then long-term ones – and choose how I feel about my condition empowers me to not only create the life I want, but to help other women with PCOS do the same!

Life is great now because I am healthier and able to do more without feeling fatigued. I am happy with where I’m at now, and I can’t wait to one day be at my goal weight. I am fully embracing my life now, taking personal responsibility for my wellness plan and am super positive (which is huge for me!).

I hope to empower, encourage and uplift other women who want to make serious changes in their health. If I can do it, so can you!”

—Michelle Durham

Savana Fast“My symptoms of PCOS started when I was in high school. Then in my twenties, I started having extreme pain in my stomach all the time. I had to cut my work days down to 3 days a week and I had a cyst on my ovaries every month. I went months without a period and when I did get it, my heating pad was my best friend. I was always so tired and in pain. I gained almost 40lbs.

I remember finding the wonderful Katie Humphrey! And that’s when my life started changing. I just finished her 90 days of freedom on YouTube. And I learned so much from her videos. I started taking Insulite about 4 months ago, and after the first month I got off my metformin, water pill, and birth control. By month 2, my period came. And it’s come every month since. (First time in my life its happened like that.) I have tons of energy now, and I work out at least 4 days a weeek. I’ve now droped about 22lbs. I would love to really make a difference in others, and I hope this will help inspire someone.”

—Savana Fast

Moira“Thank you so much for going through with your dream of having a retreat. In just one weekend you have inspired me to change my whole life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. You have given me all the tools I need to become an amazing and healthy person.

My promise to you is that I will not only live by and use everything that you have given me, but I will teach and inspire others to do the same. I am so glad that in my hours of desperation you were my light! No one has ever understood me better then you and Erin did. You understood me because you have felt and gone through everything that I have. I cannot wait to start my journey in this whole new world that you have created for me! I only hope that one day I can inspire people the way that you and Erin have inspired me. You are both amazing women! I will be forever grateful to you both for sharing for sharing your life struggles and successes with me and the rest of the woman.

If I had not gone to the retreat I would have never received the strength to fight for my dreams! You truly are an inspiration! I look forward to having you support me on my journey to a wonderful life!”

—Moira Moudatsos

image“Last year, I suffered frightening perimenopausal symptoms. I was prescribed strong hormonal replacement therapy which made me so sick and didn’t help my symptoms. I decided to seek help for a more natural treatment and started to see some encouraging results from a wild yam supplement but couldn’t get on top of all my symptoms on my own.

Katie has helped me enormously to incorporate correct nutrition and exercise to help balance my hormones. Since joining her online Boot Camp, I have seen a tremendous difference in general wellbeing, energy levels, sleep and digestion. My mood swings and facial hair have gone, the crippling hemorrhaging is over, and I even had one a menstrual cycle after 28 days which I hadn’t known in ages. I feel back in control of a body that had previously seemed to be running wild.

I don’t think I could have reached this level of health and fitness on my own. I now count on being one of the 1 in 10 women who experience peri and menopause without any problems! Thanks Katie – you have been a real blessing.”

—Hilary C.

Lauren Orr“About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS, pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. My doctors prescribed me a cocktail of prescription drugs for all these ailments, which alleviated my symptoms but never really treated the underlying root causes. I really hated the idea of being on synthetic medication for the rest of my life, but I didn’t know what other alternatives I had. It seemed like no one else could relate to my struggles (especially with PCOS) and so few support resources existed.

One day I found Katie’s 90 Days to Freedom from PCOS video series online. Katie’s energetic and relatable personality made the videos fun to watch, and the information she shared was so helpful because she was speaking from her personal experience. After watching the entire series in a matter of days – I signed up for her “Revolution of You” Boot Camp and Adventure Programs. Since participating in these series I have naturally and holistically lowered my blood pressure, stabilized my blood sugar, lost inches and toned up, and become an overall more balanced and happy person. I’ve also met amazing and inspirational women through the online forum.

I highly recommend Katie’s programs to other women – whether you have PCOS or just a general interest in self-improvement. Katie is extremely motivational and knowledgeable on health and wellness issues. Thank you, Katie, for all your support and guidance!”

—Lauren O.

Diane Tschirgi“I joined Rebel University nearly 6 months ago and it has made THE difference.  I am back on track now, more energetic, positive, and my 3 kids and husband are almost as grateful as I am for that. My energy is up and steadying, so much that I’ve had to come up with an evening adventure plan as I can actually stay awake until 10 pm now!

My skin is looking better than it ever has and I’m even beginning to refine my goals to include healing acne scars and losing skin tags. An open cut on the bottom of my toe is finally healing (its been well over a year) and my heels are looking way less diabetic and like they belong at the beach.

The number one thing that has been plaguing me, though, is my “air-baby” tummy and even that is measuring in at 36 inches this morning – which is down 3 WHOLE INCHES from when I started this journey!!!! But most importantly, in the process of reclaiming my body, I have rediscovered my purpose, which somehow got lost along the way. The very simple, yet effective, archetypes segment really made it clear for me again and I have been motivated ever since.

Thank you Katie, and my rebel sistahs! Aloha!”

—Diane Tschirgi

Rhonda Mooney“I decided to work with Katie because at the beginning when I had so many questions Katie & Chrystal were amazing! Positive, patient and beyond!! They gave me so much time and such a warm welcoming I felt I was in the right place!

What has changed since I’ve worked with her? I think it would be better to say “what hasn’t changed”. I feel so positive. I have met a new person in myself…appreciating what I have been given and using it to my best ability! Let go and let your higher power guide you, the results are amazing!

Every woman deserves to feel awesome no matter what situation they are in!
Katie can guide you through, she’s there every step. Each week you’ll receive a positive note that’s bound to bring you a smile.”

—Rhonda Mooney

Renee Cardenas“I first found Katie while researching polycystic ovarian syndrome, which I’d been diagnosed with years before, but had trouble finding any helpful information on. The doctors I saw had very little to tell me other than to lose weight, which was proving nearly impossible for me. I was so thankful to find Katie, who not only had the answers I was looking for but who’s experience and practical advice brought me further than I thought possible in not only relieving my symptoms, but in changing the quality of my life in general…at this point, I’ve lost 100 pounds.

Since I started working with Katie, my confidence, motivation, and attitude have improved in such amazing ways that I can say that I am no longer the same person I was when we started. Katie’s patience, kindness, and boundless energy are responsible for helping me turn my ship about 180 degrees. I couldn’t be more thankful or recommend anyone more highly to help women find their passion to live the life they dream of and deserve.”

—Renee Cardenas

Jen Bailey“Since working with Katie, I’ve lost an inch in my waist, thighs and calves, and half an inch on my hips…all in a month! I’m finding yummy, new foods that I enjoy eating. And, the first part of my Stateboard exam for being a full-time hair stylist is on Saturday. I have 3 interviews for hair-related jobs 2 in salons as a stylist one as a customer service rep. I’m also starting week 4 of an 8 week running program today. My life is so different now!”

—Jennifer Bailey

Sloan“I started working with Katie because I had been struggling with PCOS for almost two years and I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. I had heard that she was very helpful in approaching it holistically, and the meds I was on weren’t working, so we decided to see what she had to say.

Working with Katie as my coach was the most effective thing I have done since I was diagnosed with PCOS. Not only did she help me with my diet and exercise, but she encouraged me, helped me to become more confident and I also lost 10 pounds!

I would definitely recommend Katie to other young girls because regardless of what someone is going through, she knows how to help. She is so encouraging and relatable and she can help others like she did me.”

—Sloan Rohrer

“Katie, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am since I’ve read your book and started following the diet and nutrition plan outlined in it! I have never felt better!!! Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with all of us women with this condition. :) Have a blessed day!!

—Katie Marriott

“From the beginning of this year until July, every day I got on the scale I was ounces and/or pounds heavier than the day before. I was on birth control just because this was the only way for me to have a period. I was prescribed metformin last year, took it for 7 months and was dying in the bathroom everyday with uncontrollable bowel problems and stomach pain, so I quit taking it. My fasting sugar was always about 140 every morning. Then I would constantly crash all day. No matter what I ate I would suffer from hypoglycemia within a few hours of eating. All these things resulted in my having severe generalized anxiety and panic attacks. I was miserable. My endocrinologist insisted on many many medications, but I HATE medicine. It raised my anxiety even more to wonder what some new pill’s side-effects would do to my body! I felt like I was 27 years old and at the end of my rope. The doctors made it sound like the only way to deal wit h this was with medicine. I was fed up and although didn’t really believe in myself at the time, I thought it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try to get off everything and try on my own. I was scared, the last time I went off birth control, I got raging acne, and ended up in the hospital with an enlarged and bursting cyst on my ovary.

I tried anyway. I didn’t see any results for the first week or two but then ounce by ounce and pound by pound it started to come off just with my walking a mile every other day. I got excited and decided to start eating a lot better. I knew I had to quit eating all the bad carbs and sugar if I ever wanted to get rid of the sugar problems. So I did. My big problems were sweets, man I love chocolate, so much so that I ate it every day, and the other thing was my huge dinners that I made for my family every night. So I ate smaller dinners and cut out sweets after dinner. I invested in an elliptical machine and also just kept walking. I bought some multi-vitamins that had magnesium and chromium which I knew would help with the insulin resistance and I also implanted cinnamon into my daily meals.

My fasting sugar is currently 94 when I wake up! Isn’t that amazing?! It’s always in the low 90’s now. I can’t believe I had the power to do that the whole time, just me, nothing else, no medicine. I have lost 32 pounds since July. I currently am still not getting my period but I am not giving up until it comes! I know it will. Katie says it’s just a matter of time, and I believe it!”

—Amy Damron

“I was at the end of my rope when I found your program, having gone through several failed medications, and other measures to treat PCOS. About a month ago, I made the tough but best choice to discontinue an oral contraceptive and not take metformin or spironolactone and when I got weighed at the doctor’s today, I was shocked but ecstatic!

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your support and wonderful resource through the Inner Circle and Freedom from PCOS, I have lost 8 pounds, having just started implementing the basics of your recommended nutrition and exercise and spiritual work, a mere three weeks ago.

This kind of weight loss is often deemed “impossible” in PCOS and I am now convinced that God led me to you and your program to help me reclaim my health in the best way possible. Thank you so much for the difference you are making in my life! It means so much to me!”

—Shannon Sinclair

“I was diagnosed with PCOS in May of 2008 after having my son. In the last two years, it was painful to deal with all the various symptoms of PCOS, like an irregular menstrual cycle, excess hair growth and weight gain.

Being such an active person this was very difficult for me. I began my journey by working with doctors, but I would become frustrated because their only suggestion for me was to be on medication and work with a nutritionist. I knew there was more that I could do than just take prescriptions the rest of my life. I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong – I felt I was eating the right things and exercising regularly, but the challenge continued to exist.

The turning point for me came after reading Katie’s book, Freedom from PCOS. I knew that PCOS could be overcome, and I was going to do it! Once I started taking action, I began to feel that I really could do this, even after many failed attempts.

Since learning more about PCOS and what I can do holistically with supplements, I’ve lost weight and have regular occurring periods and decreased hair growth. I finally feel so great and ALIVE! This last summer I was able to do the Seattle to Portland bike ride – a total of 204 miles in two days, and I am looking forward to it again next year! Yes, we can overcome PCOS!”

—Annie Merritt

“Katie, I’m very excited about all the help I’m receiving with your program! I love all the tips and resources you have for me in your online program. I also cannot believe how well the Insulite Labs supplements are working. I’m truly amazed that I have no more cravings in the afternoons. I can actually wait until dinner time without picking here and there. I feel full right away after a well-sized portion, which before I would feel like I was not satisfied.

I’m happy, happy with the positive results I’m getting! Truly, thank you for all your hard work with all the awesome videos every day.”

—Pattie Gomez

Lindsay Asconape Photo“I have never been the type who loves going to the gym or working out. Whenever I would read an article in a magazine such as, “5 great exercises for a toned, flat stomach”, I would maybe bookmark the page or tear it out of the magazine, but I would never get around to doing the exercises. After having 2 kids, the weight wouldn’t seem to come off no matter what I tried.

Now, I am thrilled with my results from working with Katie! In the first month alone, I lost 5 ½ pounds, 3 ½ “ off my waist and 2 ½” off my thighs!

I purchased a weight loss program in hopes of shedding some of the weight I gained during my pregnancy, but I am so happy to say that I have accomplished so much more than that! Not only did I decrease my body fat percentage in the first month, but I have so much more muscle tone now in my arms, legs, and stomach. I am now in so much better shape than I was even before having kids!

I look forward to exercising now because I know the exercises will give me the fastest and best results for my time and effort! Thank you, Katie!”

—Lindsay Asconape

Pamela Mestrovich“After having twins, I was desperate to lose weight and tone up quickly.

After working with Katie, I can now put my pre-pregnancy clothes back on! I am losing all my extra baby weight and also toning up while doing it. I feel so rejuvenated after Katie’s exercise plan, and I get more things done throughout the day because I have way more energy.

I would recommend this program to any woman because it’s awesome, and because I can actually see results! After doing the program for four months, everyone is noticing the changes which is extremely motivating! I just saw one of my friends last weekend – after not seeing her for only two weeks – and she was so amazed by my changes, she decided to get the program for herself!”

—Pam Mestrovich

Andrea McCarthy“I hope other women are inspired by my story and understand that this is not just about “looking good.” This is about taking control over your health and creating the life you really want. That’s what I have done, and you can do it, too!

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, gluten intolerance and PCOS by Dr. Bain in May 2010.

I had a large weight gain (40 pounds in 4 months), bloating and puffiness, stomach pains, neck pain and swelling (where my glands are), irregular periods, knee pain, joint pain in my hands, bad migraine headaches, dark underarms, irritable bowel problems, and an inability to lose weight no matter what I did (needed to lose about 110 pounds).

I decided to make the healthy changes after my diagnosis because I wanted to get better and finally lose the weight. I knew I had to make the changes in order to get there. Best decision I ever made.

I started on thyroid meds (Nature-Throid), went totally off of gluten, ate more fruits and veggies, became more active, added supplements and vitamins and Evening Primrose Oil. Dr. Bain had sent me the Freedom From PCOS ebook and the book was a huge motivating factor in helping me want to get well, in combination with the diagnoses from Dr. Bain.

After reading Katie’s book, I purchased the supplements from Insulite Labs and have done private coaching with Katie. Well worth the money spent!”

Now, I feel so much better. I am more alert, not as fatigued. I don’t feel as puffy as I have in the past. I have lost 30 pounds since my diagnoses. I have dropped 2 sizes and my skin looks a lot better. I am constantly getting compliments from friends and family on how much better I am looking. I am also more focused on activities and more engaged with my son. I feel great overall.

Since working with Katie, I finally started to pursue my passion (or as I call it, my “gift of gab”), and started a professional blog. I want to share with others how I eliminated gluten from my diet, and the massive changes it created in my life. I needed the extra push, but now I’m up and officially running my “Rockin’ Gluten Free” blog! I am so excited to share this information with the world.

—Andrea McCarthy

Liz-Holland-21-300x230“Since I had my son a year and half ago, I hadn’t been able to shed the post-pregnancy pounds off on my own. I was frustrated and desperate to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

After working with Katie, I am so amazed at the results I have seen, and it’s only been 2 months into the program. I can definitely see a vast change in my hips, butt, and thighs. I have lost 4 lbs total, but what’s more impressive is that I lost 3 1/2″ off my hips and 2 1/2″ off my thighs while at the same time building muscle and toning it all up.

Katie has not only shown me how to lose weight and workout but that it can be enjoyable and fun at the same time. I am really seeing results in a matter of months that I haven’t seen on my own!

Katie has a great program, and she is always encouraging you and keeping you motivated. If you’re thinking about signing up, just do it, I promise you’ll be glad you did!”

—Liz Holland

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