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Online Programs & Private Coaching

The PCOS Rebel Program

Don’t just manage your PCOS symptoms, learn how to get them under control and out of your life for good with The PCOS Rebel program. This 8-week online experience will guide you to make simple, yet powerful changes to reclaim your health from PCOS.

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Rebel University

Get sorted into a Rebel University house and start your adventure in this online school and community designed to help you put Katie’s step-by-step system into place for losing weight, balancing your hormones and restoring your health.

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Rebel Elite Club

The Rebel Elite Club is a Mastermind group program made up of women who are serious about getting their health, weight and life under control and creating extraordinary results. This program includes private and group coaching with Rebel Wellness Coaches.

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Retreats and In Person Experiences


Spend the weekend with Katie, Erin (former client, current coach and co-facilitator in Katie’s Rebel programs) and an intimate group of other women to transform your health with a custom plan and a whole lotta fun.

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Ultimate Experience with Katie

Spend the weekend privately with Katie Humphrey and plan your 30-day strategy for making massive changes and transforming your health as quickly as possible. Private day includes spa services and hands-on activities.

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Books & Supplements

Revolution of You Book

In Revolution of You, Katie shares 30 days worth of strategies for shifting your thoughts, behaviors and, ultimately, the results you’re getting in every area of your life.

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Freedom from PCOS Book

Discover Katie’s “triple threat approach” for overcoming PCOS and as she shares her journey of being diagnosed with this condition and ultimately ridding her body of all symptoms.

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Insulite Labs System

The Insulite Labs PCOS System is a set of four botanical formulas that are designed to target insulin resistance and reverse symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is the same system Katie used to overcome PCOS.

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